interference engines... all makes...

Tony Hoffman tfh400036 at
Fri Mar 18 22:55:45 EST 2005

This is interesting, and I saw something similar years ago. Not completely accurate, but pretty helpful nonetheless. Wonder where they get their info, and why the 4.2 shows 90k for the belt, while the 3.6 shows 60k. All else being the same, that is. Isn't it interesting that Nissan doesn't make a non-turbo non-interference engine. BTW, the 8v VW is non-interference in all its various configurations except diesel. (the chart shows otherwise)
Tony Hoffman

Mike LaRosa <mrmotoguzzi00 at> wrote:
something i stumbled accross....

the gates website has some good info on tbelts...

this pdf list all interference motors and there


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