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Kent McLean kentmclean at
Sun Mar 20 11:03:43 EST 2005

David wrote:
> I know the auto tranie is the weak poin in the V8q, but is there 
> anything that can be done to prolong the life? Like frequent fluid 
> changes? Or a different fluid? 

Yes.  A yearly fluid flush keeps the transmission fluid from
being over diluted by the differential(?) fluid leaking past
the seal.  Some places can do a power flush, which flushes
(all/most of) the old fluid out.  Some people just drop the
pan and replace the 4(?) quarts, run it, drop the plan,
replace 4 quarts, drop the pan, replace 4 quarts, which
doesn't get rid of *all* the old fluid, but enough that
extends the life of the transmission.

Check the archives for "v8 transmission fluid change".
Here is one posting on the subject:

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