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> >I believe I was conceived in Suffolk, is it still the Peanut Capital? That 
> >was so long ago it was still Nansemond. Yeah, Yeah, I remember the 
> "occupation". 
> I've heard that northerners are taught in elementary school
> about the US Civil War, while those from the South learn about
> the War Between the States, and those from the Deep South learn
> about the War of Northern Aggression.

Yes, it also determines whether you learn the "Ist & 2nd Battle of Manassas" 
or the "1st & 2nd Battle of Bull Run". If you really want to hear something, 
drop by "The Institute" for "Honors Day". Unless things have changed, they 
still include in the "roll call" the cadets (14 year olds) killed in the 
Shenandoah and defense of Richmond. When the names are called, the response is "Died on 
the field of honor, Sir". Didn't go there myself, black sheep of the family I 
suppose. Older male members of the family speak of the place in hallowed 
tones. I have seen it, it is moving. I had a great aunt (or something) who must 
have lived to 110. She claimed to remember Sherman's "bummers" burning the house 
(Duplin, not Suffolk) and her picking the nails from the ashes. "Follow the 

Perhaps because of heritage, the Confederacy had some issues with which I am 
sympathetic; unfortunately, they were horribly tainted beyond redemption, by 
slavery. After firing on Fort Sumpter a "War of Northern Aggression" will not 
survive the following analogy. Suppose you hold a gun to someone's head, then 
say "If you don't do what I want, I'll pull the trigger. Then, you'll be a 

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Tom Faust

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