The 20V that followed me home, a few problems

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A month or two ago, I was followed home by a '91 90 20VQ. It has been hanging 
out under my barn while I replaced the rear diff bushing and some fuel lines. 
I don't have a Bentley yet (I prefer Haynes because the index is more 
complete), but I have a few problems 

Whistling noise 
There is a noise under the hood which I can only describe as a whistle. I 
can't seem to locate it. I notice the alternator belt is loose, but I have never 
heard a belt whistle. 

*----- Probably a leak in the intercooler to throttle body hose and may be source of high idle problem.

Slow return to idle 

If I run it up to 3000, it very slowly returns to about 2000 where it will 
hang for about a minute. Then it will suddenly drop to 1400 and then slowly drop 
to about 1000. 

*-----  Sticky throttle body switch/potentiometer - the idle switch portion not closing.  May need adjustment, possibly replacement.


When I shut it off today it ran on at about 600 rpm. It quit when I stepped 
on the gas (just like the carburetor days) I had 89 octane with a heavy dose of 
Techron in it. 

*---- don't know about this, but possibly related to air leak.

Does the 20V have the dreaded "ISV"? 

*----- Yes - works pretty much the same way, but I forget whether it is 2 wire or 3 wire.

I notice that if I pop the oil fill, there is no difference in idle. Vacuum 

*---- That's what it seems to be.

Tom Faust]
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