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>So this ol' '87 5kcstq needs, tho none of it time
>critical, strut bearing replacment (I just ok'ed the
>wrench to do that), pwr pump & 2 high pressure hoses,
>valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket. Apparently I'm
>personally responsible for the L.A. beaches'

Power steering pump - rebuild kit is about $20 or so, just o-rings and 
seals - takes maybe an hour, perhaps two if you add R&R the pump. You'll 
spend more on Pentosin than the rebuild (2 liters needed).

Strut Bearing replacement - not a big deal, but you'll need a wheel 
alignment after your're done - use lots of penetrating oil on the tie rod 
adjustments, make sure the alignment shop knows camber can be adjusted - 
some shops don't know this!

Two high pressure hoses? There's only one, the others are low pressure. All 
hoses can be rebuilt at hydraulic shops (bulldozer supplies), they'll use 
your hose ends and put new hoses on - I paid $25 to redo the high pressure 
hose on my 5K, same hose as the TQ. The hardest part is getting the seal 
rings back in place on the rack.

Valve cover gasket - $10? An hour or two's work, and you don't even have to 
crawl under the car. Check all hoses while it is apart - I'm sure some will 
be rotted (look at the short rubber hose down by the crankcase breather, 
and the multi-connection hose up top.)

Oil pan gasket - after the valve cover is done, you may discover the pan 
gasket isn't leaking after all. If it is, try tightening the bolts a bit - 
also check that the correct bolts were installed in the oil pump cover the 
last time the timing belt was changed.

Other than the oil pan, you have maybe a weekend's work and less than $300 

And no, you don't want a 15 year old Sentra - it will have worse, more 
expensive problems, and when you fix the Sentra, it will still be a 
rust-prone sh*tbox - at least when the Audi is fixed you will have a real car.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
86 5KS, 86 5KTQ, tons of parts, all down with Cody Forbes now in Delray
90 V8Q - it isn't just a car, it's an ADVENTURE!

>Looking for advice/experience/etc.: do I get all this
>stuff fixed? (prolly not all at once, but monthly
>based on funds and triage level) Sell it for a wee
>amount? Get a better "trouble-free" one? (paging Ben
>I'm leaning towards getting the junk fixed cuz, ya
>know, it's a great car. And in the 0-4k price range,
>what else is there to buy? A 15 yr old Sentra? Don't
>think so.
>*CLAP* Rant Off.
>Chris Dyer
>(310) 479-0060 home
>(310) 567-9863 cell
>11625 Texas Ave. #204
>Los Angeles, CA 90025

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
(Audi V8 . . . it isn't just a car, it's an ADVENTURE!)

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