'90 80q Won't keep running - Part II

Robert Rossato r0ssat0_987 at att.net
Wed Mar 30 18:42:48 EST 2005

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From: Huw Powell <audi at humanspeakers.com>
> > Do we still think it's FP relay?  Fuel filter?  Something new?  I'm
> > starting to think more along the lines of a a contaminated fuel
> > distributor.
> Have we done any of the suggested diagnostics yet?
> -- 
> Huw Powell

Nope.  As I stated, we haven't had a chance to take anything apart yet or do any diagnostics.  He just drove it home last night and parked it.  And I wasn't available to help with any diagnostics.  Just wondering if the new info of it running rich and his description of how it ran might rule out the FP relay and point to something else.


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