[s-cars] Stalling 100CSQA (2.8 12V V6, 4sp auto)

LL - NY larrycleung at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 13:40:47 EST 2005

Although I also think it is fuel pump related, I can't
imagine the FP quitting intermittently. My friend says
his pump is quiet (like that's a total diagnostic), but
I'm not sure. When my 4KQ's FPR went, it was intermittent,
but there was no roughness, it was totally digital, it either
worked, or it didn't. 

I JUST thought of a possible test. If the car quits or fails
to start, I wonder if tapping on the relay would work to 
restart the car. If it works, that may point in that direction,
also perhaps check the temp of the relay. 

Just tossing out ideas.

I'll keep you all posted on what my friend finds.


On Thu, 31 Mar 2005 12:28:18 -0500, TMULLANE at snet.net <TMULLANE at snet.net> wrote:
> Perhaps a virus going around?
> A friend's 1998 (C4) Avant is doing something
> similar.  It has been dying on the road on and off
> for a month or so.  She pulls over, waits a bit, then
> drives off.  Fuel pump, right?  I'm not so sure.  The
> problem can happen twice in one day, then disappear
> for a month.  When I pulled codes, there were misfire
> codes for 3 cylinders.  POS?
> I think I am going to put a fuel pump in for
> starters.  POS failure is not something you see with
> regularity on the 12v, and the car does have 198k on
> it, so a fuel pump can't hurt.
> I'll post results, please do the same.
> Tom
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> auto)
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> Posting for a friend's '93 100CSQA, sounds SIMILAR to
> Bob Rossato's
> friend's 90Q, except I don't know if the 90 is a post
> 95 (V6) or
> earlier (I-5) car.
> Friend started his car this morning, started rough,
> ran, tried to back
> out the driveway, and only got about 10' (3 m) and
> stalled.
> Tried re-starting the car several times, cranked, no
> results.
> He and his wife tried to push the car back up the
> drive (it was in the
> way), tried for a short while, then, on a lark he
> tried to start the
> car again. It started rough, then ran, and he was
> able to get it back
> up the driveway. He didn't try to continue running
> the car because he
> was already running late, so he took a different car.
> I THINK it too sounds like a possible FPR issue,
> although the Fuel
> Pump could be an issue as the car has 193K miles on
> it.
> Any ideas?
> LL - NY

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