Dexcool class action suit

Tony Hoffman tfh400036 at
Wed May 4 18:04:45 EDT 2005

It is very unfortunate that what you say is true, John. I'll have to say, having changed the coolant from the original Dexcool (not topped off, not even looked at) in my aunt's Aztek with 40K was pretty depressing. There was a bunch of corrosion on the radiator cap, and the expansion tank had a bunch of crap floating around in it as well. Flushed it three times, then put in long life Zerex. No problems whatsoever. Also did head gaskets on a '98 Astro, 98K. There was a LOT of corrosion in the coolant passages of the heads, as well as the hoses. It also had Dexcool, although the concentration and originality are uncertain. Judging from the rest of the vehicle, I'd say it was original, though.
Tony Hoffman 

John Larson <j.d.larson at> wrote:
Coupla thoughts ..................... If you ran Dexcool in a car for which 
it was/is NOT specified by the manufacturer, you're SOL. If you added 
dexcool as a "top off" to the system which originally contained the correct 
proportions of coolant and water (something which appears to have been very 
common and about which many GM dealers warned consumers), you're SOL. High 
concentrations seem to have been the major cause of problems, but I wouldn't 
rule out alloys in engines not designed for Dexcool being a problem as well. 
I would think another "out" for GM and the suppliers of Dexcool is the 
failure of consumers to completely flush the system of all traces of other 
coolants and "contaminants". Of course reality seldom plays even a small 
part in suits like this. For most, it's just another chance at winning the 
lotto, even if it turns out (and it always does) to be a mere pittance for 
the perceived "victims". John

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