Dexcool class action suit

Huw Powell audi at
Thu May 5 22:58:11 EDT 2005

John Larson wrote:

> "How does the water get out of the sealed, pressurized cooling 
> system?"

> Trust me, it does.  That's why we check the coolant level whenever we
>  have the hood open. (At least that's what we do at our shop.  I
> can't speak for others.)  John

No offense, but I was looking for an "answer," not "trust me."

I always check my coolant level, too (along with other fluids) - that's 
how I can tell if I have a leak.  No leak, no drop in level.  It stays 
in the system.

When it does leak out, both antifreeze and water get out together. Which 
at least makes it easy to find, due to the icky dried residue of 
antifreeze leading back to the leak.

> Because if you have to top off, the system isn't sealed.... LL - NY

But it is supposed to be.  The question I have is how the H2O gets out
but not the antifreeze?  "Broken" systems, i.e. ones that leak, are not
the answer to that question.

Huw Powell

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