Dexcool class action suit

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snippage, so I can avoid Brett's "snip(e) ing"...

Interesting point. II'll ask the Chemistry Prof's I am currently staying with,
but, if this antifreeze increasing concentration thing is true, I'd
bet it has to do with the vapor pressures of the two liquids in the
antifreeze mixture. I'd guess water has a greater one than EG. So, if
there's a leak, the water would evaporate first. Could be why the
mixture leaves that nasty sticky residue. But I'll check with them
tomorrow. Of course, now someone's probably going to tell me that
Dexcool doesn't use EG as it's basis or something....


> When it does leak out, both antifreeze and water get out together. Which
> at least makes it easy to find, due to the icky dried residue of
> antifreeze leading back to the leak.
> > Because if you have to top off, the system isn't sealed.... LL - NY
> But it is supposed to be.  The question I have is how the H2O gets out
> but not the antifreeze?  "Broken" systems, i.e. ones that leak, are not
> the answer to that question.
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