Oxygen Sensor for 5KTQ

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A note on oxygen sensors.
I read someplace that oxygen sensors need a fresh air supply to one
side(inside) of the sensor in order to generate a sensor voltage . . .
atmospheric oxygen on one side and combusted gases on the other side.}

***** True

{I assume that the aftermarket sensors which have the short leads have the
fresh air intake built into the hardware someplace -- prone to clogging ?
But some sensors, especially the ones with long wires and connector, use the
wire insulation as a conduit for fresh air(oxygen). The oxygen supply to the
inside of the sensor is via capilliary action in the wires. The wire ends at
the connector(clean protected environment) are open to the atmosphere.]

******Are you sure about this?

I have read in several places - including recent Hot Rod mag article and
Bosch FI by Probst, et. al. - the reference oxygen (air) is taken throug the
small slits on the side of the metal case of the sensor, or small holes in
the ceramic section.  I have never seen it documented by official
publication that  air is actually pulled in through the wires.sheath, but
have heard this through internet emails and just brushed it off as a myth
being propagated.

 Look at your sensor and you'll see what I'm talking about.  I could be
wrong howver and would like to know if I am - because then I am sure I have
messed up sensor installs with judicious use of tape and sealant when I
crimp in the stock connector on a generic sensor.  Thing is the stock
install would have worked the same..Ben


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