bizarre stalling behaviour 87 4kcsq

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Mon May 9 10:18:53 EDT 2005

Fuel Pump Relay? 

On 5/9/05, Brendan Walsh <audicted42 at> wrote:
> Hey all, my new q is not so pristine as i thought. It's exhibiting a
> bizarre stalling behaviour. Only happens when the car is hot, been
> running for 1/2hr or more and returning to idle from cruising. I've
> already gone over the vaccuum lines and can't see any obvious leaks,
> one small white plastic line along the firewall was cracked. i patched
> that with some duct tape for the moment, and the line for the vacuum
> advance was sketchy so i replaced that entirely, Checked all the nuts
> around the valve cover. I also soaked the ISV until the carb cleaner
> came out clear and still no luck. If I blip the throttle as it comes
> down it will keep idling, but it will pulse by about 200-300 rpms and
> slowly even out. Sounds like my ISV is shot, or intermittent, but i
> figured I'd pose the question to the experts. What's my next step
> here? I was thinking to put hose clamps on all the vaccuum lines that
> are supposed to be interferance fits(like in the egr system) .I 've
> already gone around the engine bay with carb cleaner while the car was
> running to try to find a leak, but no dice.I know from searching the
> archives Alan had a similar problem in his 5K, but i didn't see a
> resolution.
> Thanks!
> Brendan
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