bizarre stalling behaviour 87 4kcsq

Brady Moffatt brady at
Mon May 9 11:11:00 EDT 2005

Yup, that's what mine does too.

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From: Brendan Walsh [mailto:audicted42 at]

Brady said:
>What I do when I clean the ISV (about every 6 months) is free it >from the
>intake hoses then reconnect it electrically at its plug. Then, with a >rag
>catch the drips, turn the ignition to ON (which causes the ISV to >cycle)
>spray away with carb or TB cleaner

I use this exact method, what sort of behaviour does the isv show when
you do this? Mine sort of hovers in place, pop's open full, then
settles down to almost closed and repeats about every 2 seconds.


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