Machine shops disappearing, anyone else noticed

Mon May 9 11:21:40 EDT 2005

What area of the country are you guys in that machine shops are disappearing? 
Here in South Jersey, they are everywhere. The Philly/South Jersey area is a 
more blue collar area I believe. I used to live in the Northern 
Virginis/Washington, DC area and I know of two or three machine shops that that I used to 
frequent. One of them has since moved, but not closed. I'll agree that America 
has become a country of consumers and not builders, but only to a point. How do 
you farm out local machine shop work to a foreign country? If your local 
machine shop closed it's doors, maybe they were in an area that just couldn't use 
that type of service any longer. All car dealers that have a service 
department use an outside machine shop for there "out of the ordinary" jobs. Machine 
shops simply have tooling that a dealer couldn't justify owning/leasing. Most 
independent repair shops and tuning shops have at least the basics to get 
bearing/bushing pressed. Please correct me if I am wrong. 

Jim Furdyn
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