Self-possessed Up-shift Indicator?

Doug Johnson ur-quattro at
Mon May 16 08:31:10 EDT 2005

Thanks, Ti.

If I'm accelerating in fifth gear, there's no light.  But, when I get to 
steady-state cruising, and when my cruise control's engaged, the light 

I guess your thoughts about the switch on hte tranny make sense, though.  
When you're in fifth gear, there's no place to up-shift to......

I'll get down there some day soon.



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Doug Johnson writes:
 > The up-shift indicator on my '86 4kcsq is fairly unobtrusive, except when
 > I'm motoring along gently in fifth gear.  Then it illuminates.
 > Is the light triggered by intake vacuum, or something more complicated?

There is a switch on the transmission that tells the upshift circuit
that it's in 5th gear and thus it should not illuminate.  Either
your switch is bad or the wiring to it is faulty.

Note that there is another similar switch on the transmission.  That one
is for the backup lights.  Make sure you check the proper one.

Ti Kan
Vorsprung durch Technik

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