$38 of wishful thinking, 4th gear synchros. are toast

Chris Hall badcomrade at gmail.com
Mon May 16 12:06:42 EDT 2005

I have an 85 Coupe GT, and when I bought it, you'd have to hold the
gear lever in reverse or else it would pop out occasionally.  I put
off having it looked at, and eventually it got worse and worse.  A guy
at a muffler shop here in chicago tried backing the car off of the
lift without following my instructions to hold the lever back, and as
I sat in the waiting room I heard this horrible sound of gears being
stripped.  Sure enough, he didn't listen (or understand English) and
made it so bad that it was near impossible to back the car up (a big
problem when you live in CHICAGO and have to parallel park every day).

So THEN I took the car to the best shop I know of in the Chicago area
(Eurocare on 159th street in Oak Forest (since you're also in
Chicago...)) and they pulled the back of the trans out and found that
the reverse was pretty much shredded.  They sourced a used lower
mileage (than my car had) trans for me (I think from Shokan,
unfortunatly...), since new parts from the dealer would cost more, and
while the old on was out they put in a new clutch to save me the $900
in parts and labor down the road... All in all with labor, clutch,
trans, etc it cost me about $1700.  I like to think it only cost me
$800, since I probably won't ever have to pay that $900 down the road
for a new clutch.  The $1700 is more than I paid for the car, but I
still feel it was worth it considering the condition of the car.

Chris (the owner of Eurocare) worked at an Audi dealer for something
like 12 years and knows the older cars (and new ones) like the back of
his hand.  He personally goes over every repair done in his shop
too...  I've been taking my CGTs there since 1994, and I've never had
a problem with any of their repairs.

That's my 2¢


Chris Hall
badcomrade at gmail.com
"making girls cry since 1974"

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