Self-possessed Up-shift Indicator?

Ed Kellock ekellock at
Mon May 16 12:43:01 EDT 2005

In other words, the vacuum trigger upshift "system" is always active
but is overriden by the 5th gear position switch because, as you said,
there's nothing to upshift to.


On 5/16/05, Alan Pritchard <alan.pritchard at> wrote:
> If the switch is engaged/disengaged in 5th gear, the illumination will
> be fully disabled, otherwise hi (or is it low) vacuum will illuminate
> the light.
> Best Regards
> Alan Pritchard
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> Thanks, Ti.
> If I'm accelerating in fifth gear, there's no light.  But, when I get to
> steady-state cruising, and when my cruise control's engaged, the light 
> illuminates....
> I guess your thoughts about the switch on hte tranny make sense, though.
> When you're in fifth gear, there's no place to up-shift to......
> I'll get down there some day soon.
> Thanks!
> Doug

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