Carlisle Car Show

Ben Swann benswann at
Thu May 19 21:29:30 EDT 2005

I found the link, but looks like online registration is closed.  Serves me
right for waiting 'til the last minute, but I had to.

Anyway,  what arrangements do we/the "UPG"  have for this?  What do I sign
up for/where do I go?  Are we in the show with a particular group, or will I
be relegated to parking way out somewhere and walk in through gates - if so
then I have no desire to go.

So which part of the event will I be paying to attend?

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> Me probably - if I can find the link to the show and registration.  I am
> doing my best to make it.
> Ben
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> So, who can I expect to see this Saturday at Carlisle, PA car show?
> Jim Furdyn
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