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Fri May 20 10:32:26 EDT 2005

To try and answer some of Ben's questions:

Ben asked:

"I found the link, but looks like online registration is closed.  Serves me
right for waiting 'til the last minute, but I had to.

Anyway,  what arrangements do we/the "UPG"  have for this?  What do I sign
up for/where do I go?  Are we in the show with a particular group, or will
be relegated to parking way out somewhere and walk in through gates - if so
then I have no desire to go.

So which part of the event will I be paying to attend?"

There's a couple of ways to attend the show - probably the best for all of
those travelling a distance and bringing something we'd all like to see -
is to register and park on the showfield.  For advanced registration it
would have been fifteen dollars for the weekend, but if you are like me and
didn't register in advance it will be twenty clams when you arrive.

If you just want to park on the street and walk in, you can pay the daily
admission of seven dollars?  I think that's the going rate.

If you have a car you are looking to sell, you would need to either get a
vendor space, or register to park your vehicle in the corral area.  (I am
not sure of the price for this service)

If you have a car load of parts you want to try and peddle you would need
to register as a vendor and it would set you back eighty dollars for a 10'
X 30' space.  I will also be sharing a spot over in the vendor area, and
try and off load some of my 4000/Coupe GT crap.

That's pretty much the scoop.  The best way to go is to park on the
showfield, that way you are close to the action.  And you should be able to
park with all the other Audis that are attending.

Carlisle is a really nice venue, fairly organized, decent food (pricey
though), clean rest rooms, a varied selection of vendors, and nice
selection of interesting imports on the showfield.

If you make the trip, you'll have a good time (hopefully the weather will

Hope to see you there,

Ted Haug
90 V8 quattro
87 Coupe GT (for sale)
94 Cabriolet
95 A6q Avant

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