Bleeder extraction

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For what it is worth,
Have you heated up the caliper and used a regular easy out?
I have done it several times, and have never damaged the seals.
Just be sure that the caliper is full of break fluid, and don't heat it
more than you have to.
Hope it helps
87 5KT

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Subject: Bleeder extraction

Anyone got a sure-fire means of extracting a broken-off bleeder from the
front caliper of my wife's 4kq campmobile?  I tried my smallest
reverse-drill-extractor combination tool and it didn't do the trick.  

I have all the rubber bits out, so could I heat the casting to a nice
color with my torch and then try the little extractor tool again? 

Threads on the replacement bleeder I have are 7 mm X 1.0.   I have a tap
that size.  Supposedly I need a 6 mm drill bit.  That I don't have.
know what the equivalent number bit number would be?????
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