Questionable 4kq Starter Wiring

Huw Powell audi at
Sat May 21 21:45:36 EDT 2005

> How much longer do you expect this starter wiring will keep starting the 4kq?  

You mean it starts now?

> Have the car on the lift to work on brakes and just checking things out,
> noticed this strange-looking fuzzy green stuff.  Does the starter wiring go
> anywhere in the engine compartment where I can conveniently splice in new?

Well, basically, and allowing for corroded memory...

Obviously, the big fat wire goes straight to the battery, and can be 
easily replaced with a new one if you like.  Although, it looks like all 
it needs is a bit of cleaning.

The other two are the trigger from the ignition key circuit (I think 
that's the top one in the picture) and the one Audi added to help with 
hot start issues (IIRC) that is basically a starter-relayed circuit 
sending nice fresh battery voltage to the ECU (pin 24) and thermo-time 
switch while cranking.

Since that relay wire is the nastiest looking one, even if it isn't 
working, it might not prevent starting.

I wish I could tell you easily where they "come out" so you could 
replace them with fresh wires, but I can't recall - if I ever knew.

Here is what I see based on my fusebox diagram, and various manual 
browsing.  The starter trigger leaves the fusebox at B50A (black 
connector under fusebox).  This circuit's last place on the fusebox top 
is the brass jumper in the A/T lockout position.  It also feeds the fuel 
pump relay at an unused conact.

The return power feed doesn't go to the fusebox, but on it's way to the 
ECU it does visit the cold start valve.  The wire is black from the 
starter, going to a 6 pin connector, where the other side stays black 
and goes to the ECU, while a red/black wire comes back out on the 
starter side and heads to the thermo-time switch and continues on to the 
cold start valve.

Good luck and I hope this helps somewhat...

Huw Powell

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