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I once purchased a 4kq from a local Western Washington VW / Audi wrecker and 
I had to personally go to the State Patrol for a inspection to get a new 
title for a salvaged car. I can still run the vin on CarFax and it comes up 
clean as a whistle.

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> Carfax is simply a tool that is to be used when purchasing a car. The
> information may or may not be accurate. I would get a vehicle properly
> inspected prior to buying one, with or without a carfax report.
> There is a class action lawsuit against carfax for their advertising
> practices. They say that Major accidents show up in their database,
> however only if the state, or repair facilities report to carfx (which
> many don't).
> Carfax gets it's information from state agencies, and companies that
> volutarily give their information to carfax. Just because your car was
> damaged at one point does not mean that it was totalled, and thus will
> not show up on a carfax report.
> The carfax guarantee only covers instances in which a vehicle was
> totalled, but that record doesn't show up in their database. Any which
> way the burden of proof is on the buyer, and I suspect that no one has
> cashed in on their "Guarantee".
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>> Brett wrote:
>> > Carfax also has questionable accuracy (I believe one lister even
>> > found his car supposedly had never been registered).  There's a
>> > reason they have to do a lot of "free check" promos.
>> >
>> > Brett
>> Yep, I've had that problem too. My 91 200q20v has a perfectly clean
>> carfax. Yet I have receipts of repair work done by insurance claim
>> (previous owner) for a new trunk lid and front fender (two
>> different
>> small incidents). Still, at $900 for the fender and something
>> outrageous
>> for the trunk lid, they should have shown up on carfax. Someone
>> should
>> buy my car, buy the carfax guarantee, and cash in on it :o)
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