Audi Coupe GT temp sender question

Chris Hall badcomrade at
Thu May 26 00:17:03 EDT 2005

Hey guys

I have a feeling the temp sender that tells the ECU in my 85 CGT what
the engine temp is might be bad.  Does anyone know what would happen
if I jumped the wires to bypass the sender?  It's basically a big
resistor, right?  Should the engine run as if it's very hot, or will
the ECU see "too much" voltage and assume the car is overheating and
shut it down?  I know when you unplug the sensor, it kills the
engine... so I'm thinking that sensor may be a reason my engine is
stalling (GENERALLY once it's wamed up...).  I had the temp sender in
the bottom of my 83's radiator go bad, so I know they can die...

Also, does anyone know when you can get one of those weird plug ends
that connects to the sensor?

I just wanted to check with you guys before I short out my ECU or something :)

Chris Hall
badcomrade at
"making girls cry since 1974"

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