CD changer mounting

Fri May 27 15:19:20 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I'm looking for the CD changer mounting hardware for a 1996 Audi A6 Quattro 
Avant. My wife's car did not come with a changer, but I bought one for her from 
a guy who had it in a 1997 A6 sedan. So I'm looking for whatever brackets and 
other hardware that's needed to mount/install the CD changer into the car. I 
bought this CD changer under the impression that the factory installation kit 
(4A9 051 103) was still available. Of course not! NLA as usual! Another option 
would be to make my own by copying the originals. Does anyone have the 
mounting brackets available for me to borrow?


Jim Furdyn
1983 UrQuattro #900170 
1987 4000cs Q
1987 5000cs TQ 280,000 miles
1996 A6 Quattro Avant (no CD changer mounted)
1987 Mercedes Benz Truck 1219

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