Hall Sensor Location?

Ado Sigal a.sigal at bluewin.ch
Sun May 29 17:54:37 EDT 2005

Hall sensor is inside the distributor, and since advance is vacuum 
operated (I think), the HS wires move with the plate, and they are the 
likely culprit. Distr. connections should be also checked. What you 
talking about is the signal amplifier, which when it dies, usually 
doesn't come back to life. It could be located behind the glove box.



DBF wrote:

>Hello All,
>I drove my 1982 Coupe for the first time in about a month this morning and about 2 miles from home, I down shifted while going through a school zone, and the old girl died.  I parked it in the school lot, got a lift home and returned to do some diagnostics. 
>I had fuel, but no spark.  I disconnected the Hall plug from the dizzy and found I had 2.5 volts.  I immediately suspected the Hall sender, so I returned home to get a spare I had in the shed.  I returned to the school parking lot, figuring I'd swap it for the one in the car.  Imagine my surprise when I went looking for it (as described in my Bentley) and it wasn't under the plastic shield covering the wiper motor/vent air intake!!  Where the hell did it go!!
>As a side, I towed the bugger home and pushed it into the garage.  After taking a few more voltage readings, I thought I check for spark again.  While I was turning the car over, a nice blue spark was showing and the car started!!  Evidently, whatever stranded me, righted itself.  I despise self correcting faults. I am leery about the Hall, and I am going to check it.  So, any ideas where it might be hiding?
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