Fuel Flooding

Tony Hoffman tfh400036 at yahoo.com
Sun May 29 21:57:26 EDT 2005

It sounds like you have found the source of the problem. The next thing is to figure out why it acts that way. I'd start by unplugging it and looking at the connectors. Then, pull back the rubber boot and see if the wires are frayed/broken. As the easiest solution, cut the plug off another car and splice it into yours. All the two prong connectors are basically the same, just different colors.
Tony Hoffman

Brother Bill <mrbilliam at verizon.net> wrote:
My '86 Quattro 5 cylinder seems to be flooding itself once it gets at
normal operating temperature. It starts ok when it's cold and runs fine
most of the time. Once it gets normal temperature it seems to somehow
flood itself by bucking, skipping, backfiring and eventually stalling
and unable to start for quite awhile. While it was running I wiggled
the electric wires that go to the differential pressure regulator
attached to the fuel distributor and all hell broke loose. If I wiggled
it one way it seemed to run ok and another way it started choking,
bucking, backfiring and all of that. I did install a new fuel pump and
filters because I thought it wasn't getting any fuel but that's not it.
It seems to be getting too much fuel and it's flooding itself. Has
anyone ever had this problem? Can anyone offer me advice? I'm totally
Thanks, Bill
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