4 hours of repair and $500 later ...

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Mon May 30 01:19:57 EDT 2005

Hi ~

I took my car to a repair shop in Sedona.

I paid for parts in advance ... $250.00

and paid another $250 for labor.

The next few days my car is slightly better
but still lugs at moving from a stop and
also is still somewhat hard starting from

But now when I am on the freeway I cannot
seem to get it over 75 mph, when before I
could go 100 mph without any problem.

When I called and said that it wasn't running
quite right, he said that is just an adjustment.

I said how long will that take and he
said about an HOUR.  He didn't offer to
not charge me for the hour, so I am left
to wonder whether I am expected to pay
for that as well at his rate of $68 an hour!

I would think that $500 to work on the
cold starting problem and the lugging at 
movement from stop would be enough.

There is no one to fix my car in Flagstaff, 
and Sedona is about anhour away.  
The dealership in Phoenix is about 2.5 hours drive

I am so sick about this situation of having to pay
so much for little I am at my wits end. 

Is there anyone on the list who can talk
Audi-ese to the mechanic to find out
what was done for the $500 I paid.

I cannot read the receipt and I had to walk
about Sedona in nearly 100º that day waiting
the four hours for my car (no place to wait in the
shop).   By the time I picked up my car I was
totally over-heated myself and wanted to get
out of the heat.

The worst being the heater valve
broke while I was driving to Prescott,
and I had to wait hours for my poor 
husband to drive there (about an hour and half 
from home) and fix that, getting home after
10 p.m.

And the beat goes on.

Any suggestions.

I am seriously concerned that at the age of this
car there are more things to fix than will ever
get fixed on it properly.

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