4 hours of repair and $500 later ...

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Mon May 30 09:42:38 EDT 2005

At 08:47 AM 5/30/2005 -0400, Kent McLean wrote:
>No power could be, make that probably is, a vacuum leak(s).
>Check all the rubber hoses, including the little ones and
>the big ones (like the "Michelin Man" hose).

Note that "check" means REALLY test.  Not just look over.  Pinch the hoses,
feel underneath for soft spots.  Take hoses off and inspect them
thoroughly.  Or figure out a way to gently pressurize the system  like
here:  http://www.blackfoot.net/~hlm5860/Tester.html    Be careful because
you only need a few pounds of air pressure.  Then listen for leaks.

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