Fuel Pump Relay question

Chris Hall badcomrade at gmail.com
Tue May 31 12:20:42 EDT 2005

Distributor cap & rotor.  

That's what the problem was...  

I never realized that A: It's the first thing I should have checked (I
didn't because I was used to coil / ignition control module / vacuum
hoses, fuel pump relay solder joints, etc being the culprit of
stalling in the past) and B: The same cap and rotor have been on the
car for almost 3 years now...  DOH!

I just never suspected it because the car would usually run perfectly
fine for 10-15 minutes, then all the sudden start to backfire and
sputter and eventually stall out and not restart for 10 minutes or so.
 I figured if the cap and rotor were as bad as they turned out to be
(so much carbon build-up on the contacts in the distributor cap that
you couldn't even see the metal on the ends...) the car would never
start and run smoothly in the first place.  It's a physics miracle
that it did... I should post a pic of how bad the terminals were... 

Thanks again to everyone that offered up advice.  Hopefully all the
keywords we've created will help the next guy with a stalling problem
find lots of good advice in the archives  :)
Chris Hall
badcomrade at gmail.com
"making girls cry since 1974"

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