Winter Tires needed in Montreal mboucher70 at
Tue Nov 1 22:05:40 EST 2005

I've made do with all season tires in winter for the past two years, and I think I'm going to give in and get some winter tires for my Audi this year.  My needs aren't spectacular - I'm a pretty tame driver in the winter, but I figured I may as well get some advice to get the best buy for my dollar.  

Car: 1990 Audi 100, 2.3L, non-turbo, non-quatro
Driving: mostly city in Montreal, but need to occasionally deal with unplowed roads after fresh snowfall, or 'black ice' on a highway drive

So, I've been doing some scouting for what's available and was hoping anyone might jump in with recommendations on which of these they've had good or bad experiences with, or what seems a good buy for the price.  I should probably get rims so I don't have to pull my 4seasons off the audi rims...

As best I can tell, the ideal winter size is a 195/65 R15, however from Tire Rack, I think my car can use anything from a 185 to a 205, and a 14 up to a 16 ... (?)

What I've found for sale, used:

This one sounds great because it comes with rims:
4 Pirelli Ice Plus, 195/65 R15 about 10,000 miles, used on a Jetta, $200 including rims

I've heard lots of good things about TOYO so I've been looking at these:
4 TOYO ObserveG-02 Studless (195/65 R15), $160
4 Toyo Observe G-03 195/55 R15 tires. Used for 2 winters $200 
4 Toyo Observe G-02 205/50 R15 86T, $250
4 TOYO Observe G-02 Plus, 185/65 R14, 1 season, $180 

Other Interesting ads:

4 Bridgestone Blizzak, 185/70R14, good condition, $220
4Tiger Paw P205/70/R15 2 seasons, $80
4 Michelin Arctic P195/70/R14 2 seasons, $80
4 Cooper Weather Master S/T2 , 195/65 R15  $349 
4 MICHELIN 'winter tires' (model not stated) P205/65R15 with the rims $300
4 Michelin Arctic Alpin 205/60R15, 5000km, $300

Thanks in advance for any information,


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