Winter Tires needed in Montreal

Doyt W. Echelberger doyt at
Wed Nov 2 15:06:15 EST 2005

At 10:05 PM 11/1/2005, you wrote:
>I've made do with all season tires in winter for the past two years, and I 
>think I'm going to give in and get some winter tires for my Audi this 
>year.  My needs aren't spectacular - I'm a pretty tame driver in the 
>winter, but I figured I may as well get some advice to get the best buy 
>for my dollar.
>Car: 1990 Audi 100, 2.3L, non-turbo, non-quatro
>Driving: mostly city in Montreal, but need to occasionally deal with 
>unplowed roads after fresh snowfall, or 'black ice' on a highway drive

............................The BLACK ICE is the most dangerous and 
terrible challenge, along with wet icy slush. I'd choose my winter tire 
based on how it deals with that ice and wet slushy pavement that has been 
plowed and then packed in spots by lots of traffic.
Read this review......I'm doing what it 

..........................use the narrowest tire size that will safely 
carry the normal weight of the car. You don't want big fat tires on ice or 
snow.....just the opposite.

........................My friends tell me Blizzaks are among the very best 
non-studded for BLACK ICE and also very good in snow, but poor on wet roads 
and they hydroplane easily. Good squirmy ride. Shorter life span for 
tire/longer lifespan for driver. If you can afford two sets of tires they 
will do the job on the worst ice of the winter. Take them off when spring 
comes. But even with Blizzaks, slow down on that black ice before you get 
to it. Steel studs and an egg-shell pedal are what I would like for 
frequent black ice.

.............................The same friends say Cooper WeatherMasters 
were very good on snow and they gave a good ride with average handling, but 
were POOR performers on ice and wet pavement compared to other winter 
tires. Not as good for the really dangerous black ice and icy slush. 
Nowhere near the Blizzaks. Probably why your seller is getting rid of them.

If I had a really fat wallet, I'd (maybe) TRY? a new set of Michelin X-Ice 
tires, which will be great on ice AND snow, but not so good on wet or dry 
pavement, and not so good for noise. Stay away from those old used Arctic 
Alpins and other used winter tires. They probably are flatspotting around 
the outer shoulder and getting un-balancable. I had 3 sets and they ALL did 
that eventually, about year three. I'm not putting them back on this year.

.................................Bottom Line......I'd buy a NEW set of 
Blizzaks and be just delighted with the DEEP WINTER results for at least 3 
years.   And I'd swap them for summer tires when the ice was gone.   If I 
had to run only one set of tires, I'd go with the NOKIAN WR and drive a 
little slower in the summer....used them on one of my cars all last winter 
and the summer of 2005.....very satisfying compromise.       Doyt Echelberger

>Thanks in advance for any information,

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