Front driveshafts from '90 200TQ on '88 100TQ?

Denis sparkplugvw at
Thu Nov 3 12:59:44 EST 2005

Same body 100Q and 200TQ. 200 is more insulated...
I swapped lots of parts from 200 and 5000 to 100Q. if its 016 tranny as you mentioned
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  Subject: Front driveshafts from '90 200TQ on '88 100TQ?

  Hi, does anyone know if  the driveshafts from an '90 200TQ will fit on the
  front of an '88 100TQ? Both use a 016 transmission, both use 108 mm inner
  flanges if I remember correct, and the only difference I know of is the
  center bolt on the "new" shafts compared to the center nut on the older
  ones. Both cars are ABS equipped, so the outer joints have the ABS rotor.
  Are the complete axles interchangeable?

  E. Spangen :)

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