Hijacked on ebay.com (NAC)

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Nov 3 17:14:55 EST 2005

> It probobly isn't even him, it's probobly someone who is falsifying 
> emails from his account.  Either way, always be wary of things on 
> ebay.  That site is getting impossible to do bussiness on lately.

Funny, I haven't noticed any problems using it.  I suppose it depends a 
bit in which "community" you're interacting with on there, though.  Some 
categories of goods seem to be overrun with criminals whereas others are 
just fine.

> Hi guys. I m Audifan and Megasquirt fan but its not  about Audi.
> My ebay account has been hikacked by rivernick from ebay. He sent me 
> an ebay fake page wich i entered my name and passowrd :-(.

Well, you were what they call "spoofed" - this is where email pretending 
to be from ebay, paypal, your bank (or any bank), etc., tells you go log 
in at a url they give you - the page you get *looks* like it's real, but 
it's not.  Sending such emails is called "Phishing."

Sorry to hear about your "accident"...

Huw Powell



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