Low clutch pedal in heavy traffic

David duandcc_forums at cox.net
Wed Nov 9 09:01:34 EST 2005

Yup, slave AND master problem...ALEWAYS replace in pairs...TRUST me...BTDT...

1987 CGT
> From: "RICHARD KROL" <rlk501 at msn.com>
> Date: 2005/11/07 Mon PM 11:29:52 EST
> To: "quattro" <quattro at audifans.com>
> Subject: Low clutch pedal in heavy traffic
> My 84 4kq might have a master or slave cylinder problem?  When I drive the car in the morning the pedal is at the top with about 1/2" of free-play.  As the clutch is used more and more in stop and go traffic the pedal moves down with about 3" of free-play.  If I cruise a while without using the clutch it it comes back up.
> Any ideas?
> Rick
> 84 4kq
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