Do Lower Profile Tires affect Speedometer Reading

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at
Wed Nov 9 10:11:07 EST 2005

Bonjour Charles,

> I'm looking at a pair of 'performance winter' tires.  The size is 195 55
> R15.

---this must be a typo. What you want is 195 65 R15 tires. Same rolling
diameter but slightly narrower. If you want to see 3 sizes different side by
side, come to my house, I have them all mounted on wheels. 

> I'm a bit confused by this rule.  I understand that the tire profile
> change is ofset by a rim size change.  So then, wouldn't 205 60 R15 and
> 195 65 R15 give different speedometer readings, since the rim size is the
> same but the profile is different?

--- they are not exactly the same diameter, but difference is so small you
won't notice it.

> Other question, where is a good place to get inexpensive winter rims (Wal-
> Mart, etc)?  It uses 6Jx15 rims.  Are these standard rims, or specialized
> Audi rims?  I've noticed that most Audis use the 5-bolt tires, but mine
> uses a 4-bolt.

---Forget walmart: period. If you need parts for your Audi in Montreal, go
to a specialized auto parts like Autolectra on Paré street (514-342-1044).
Price is better than WM, and they know your car better than you do. 
Now, for winter rims, there are 2 solutions:
- buy new steel wheels, from a tire reseller like Pneus Touchette
(disclaimer: I work for them occasionally). They will go for around 75$
- buy used aluminum OEM Audi wheels. For this, call a specialized VW-Audi
shop like Heinz Garage on Maisonneuve st (514-482-2034) and ask them for a
set of 15x6, 4x108mm alu wheels. They should help you find a set, or direct
you to a friendly scrapyard. Price should be the same, more or less, than
for a set of new steel wheels.

1983 Quattro with 16 wheel/tires, 

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