Trip Report

Bill Wood lenseman at
Fri Nov 11 16:51:58 EST 2005


Make sure you can locate the "off" switch for the ASR anti-slip. If it's the same as in my '97 C28, it's scary in snow/ice conditions. It cuts back on power until you get grip, if there is very little grip, it will go into  neutral to prevent overheating. After quattro, it is a big change.

>I sold my '02 A6 a couple of weeks ago and picked up a '93 Mercedes 300E
>2.5L turbodiesel. 178K on the odometer. It's a nice car. It *does* have
>heated seats...the PO said so, but the shop that did the inspection report
>said otherwise. And I think it has an antislip differential (ASD).

Bill Wood
'97 C280 MB - Summer
'96 A6Q Avant - Winter

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