Speedometer Problem

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1990 100.  The window switch is more than likely the culprit in your
previous post.  For some reason it's always the up that does it too, of

IC repair is not that bad and in my experience does not require steering
wheel removal.  I just did this repair on my '89 200.  I've done it
previously on a '91 200q Avant too.  One of those had a bouncy speedo
needle.  The other had funky light issues with the dash.  Either way it's
the most likely and the only known issue with the IC that I'm aware of.


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Sometime back, my car started exhibiting an intermittent 'stuck
speedometer'.  It would just stay at zero when being driven.  If I banged on
the dashboard, or even sometimes if I drove over a bump, it would
immediately come to life and work again.

I've seen, on somebody's website, that this is a known problem with some
Audis of my vintage/model (Audi 100, 1990).  The problem is often a bad
soldier/bad connection on the circiut board.  The fix is to remove the
dashboard and re-soldier.

Because I don't relish the idea of that adventure, including removal of the
steering wheel, I'd first like to get opinions on whether something else,
possibly more simple to correct, might in fact be the trouble.

Don't know if this adds to the info, but when the speedometer cuts out, the
cruise control also shuts off.

(Please forgive my frequent postings here of late...I'm on a mission to take
care of all the little things (or not so little) that I've been putting off
for a while...And this group is an invaluable resource.  I don't know if any
of you remember, but you successfully guided me through troubleshooting,
comlete tear apart and repairs of the fuel injection system two years ago).

Once again, thanks for any ideas,

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