rear brake circuit on a 5ktq

Chris Thorp thorp at
Wed Nov 16 00:06:55 EST 2005

DeWitt Harrison wrote:

>If anyone knows what up with that, I'd like to hear from
>you. Question #1: Although it is reasonable to mess with
>left/right brake pressure proportioning in response to lateral
>accelerations, why have the system be asymmetrical? Why
>not put a Thingy in both left rear and right rear branches?
>Question #2: Do you suppose the ABS controller is in on
>this asymmetrical plan? Would one be in trouble if he
>removed this Thingy?
I don't know if it is safe to remove, but my 100, S4, A6, S6 ('92-'98) 
says this about a unit installed between the left rear and right rear 
brake calipers:
"The brake pressure limiter, installed between left and right rear brake 
calipers, is a delay-dependent brake proportioning valve that prevents 
locking of the right rear wheel when simultaneously driving rapidly 
around curves to the right, and braking."
It also has adjustment and operation checks.

Sounds like your unit.  Why there isn't one for the left wheel for left 
turns, it doesn't say.  My not very educated guess is that left turns in 
the US aren't as tight as right turns and therefore don't need wheel 
lockup prevention.


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