Max bore size on NG and more...

David.Payne at David.Payne at
Wed Nov 16 13:37:28 EST 2005

Like the subject line says.  With a naturally aspirated motor what is the
max that could be used on a street driven vehicle.  I have heard of VW race
engines using 85mm, maybe more.  I'm not concerned with having to use
standard VAG pistons, although I may use them for cost reasons.
New subject.  If I can get away with 91 octane with 10 to 1 compression,
might it be possible to use 93 octane and run maybe 11 to 1?
I think I'm going to start putting together an engine for my type 89.  If I
do it, I'd like to build a low block (not vanagon) stroker using the 92.8mm
crank.  According to my math this should work with 144mm rods and VW 2.0
(ABA) pistons.  I'm pretty sure that the ABA pistons have 21mm pins instead
of 20mm but I'm not sure.  Any BTDT's?
Thanks, Dave.

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