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Kevin D. Caldwell wrote:
>      I have to replace the 12v engine in my 1996 A4.  I have a line on
> another 12v engine, but I also have a line on a 30v engine and harness and
> another line on a 4.2l V8 S4 engine with harness, down pipes, cats axles,
> dash, etc.  How difficult(read expensive),is this going to be and is
> option possible?

The 12V engine will be simplest.
The 30V should fit without too many problems.
The V8 will require a lot of fabrication (engine mounts,
engine bay space, moving of components, etc.).

If you are going to do all the work yourself, it's just
time and skills.  If you pay someone to do it, it's just

Going to have to pay someone.

Some questions for you: What do you want to do with the
car when you are done?  Sell it? Drive it? Track it?

Drive it and Track it

What don't/didn't you like about the 12V that the other
options are being considered?

Because even after 10 years, there is still no one who can successfully
"hack" the Hitachi ECU.  I want to do chips or forced induction or something
and the 12v limits me from doing this.

The answers to those should give you the answer to
which engine to go with.

Kent McLean
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