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In my case, it was the front bushing on the trapezoid, directly under the
back seat. If I recall correctly, I replaced it without even jacking the
car up more than a few inches, if that. Just remove the retainer and
replace the bushing, prying the front of the arm down slightly.
Took me a while to figure out, as it could also be the transverse links,
trapezoid rears, etc...
I couldn't access the link (blocked) from work, so I can't verify the

.Patient: 1988 5KQ
Problem: clunking sound coming from passenger side rear on bumps.

I suspect the trapezoid arm bushings are worn out.
Which bushing is the main culprit for the clunking sound?

I have a picture of the rear suspension with part numbers posted at:

My part guy is a bit confused about the bushings.
I need someone to verify that the bushing part numbers in the picture are

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