Motor swap

Grant gfl1 at
Tue Nov 29 19:59:36 EST 2005

Good point. Sounds logical (but I dont know).
I did see a pic today of a v8 stuffed in an old audi 80. I dont know
what was done to accomplish it. See the v8 development list on 
I copied your insight to the list.

On Nov 29, 2005, at 8:25 AM, Dan DiBiase wrote:

> Grant <gfl1 at> wrote:
>> audi needed to re-do the 4.2 engine with a timing chain rather than
>> belt to make it shorter so it would fit in the '04 S4. So the question
>> is "is the 90s engine bay longer than the 2004 A4'S?". I would doubt
>> it, and therefore I'd say this will be hard. But again, I don't
>> actually know anything here.
>> I would approch this very carefully. Yea, the motor should mate to the
>> tranny. Yera, with convincing the electronics should interface. But
>> the mechanical fitment may be hugely difficult.
> The 90 came with a 5 cylinder at some point, right? So wouldn't that 
> mean the engine bay would have to be a little longer than the A4, 
> which came with a 4 cylinder as the 'longest' engine.....
>  Dan D
>  '04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
>  Central NJ USA

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