short lifespan for ignition switches

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Tue Nov 29 20:04:08 EST 2005

Thanks Steve. I'll look into it - i was even wondering about the 
shift-interlock (aka the "it doesn't unintendedly accelerate anymore" 

Do you remember what the problem was on the not-Galaxy?

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> Date: November 29, 2005 12:41:34 AM EST
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> Subject: Re: Short Lifetime For Ignition Switch modules
> ... I didn't see any other posts in this thread ... but long ago in a 
> Galaxy far far away (pun approaching) ... my Dad bought a 1968 Ford 
> ... Custom ... oops, not a Galaxy, but it looked like one ... ;-)
> Anyway, this car had a problem where it would not start in Park, but 
> it would start in neutral.  One day my Dad dug into it and he found 
> that the mount for the tranny selector lockout switch was built wrong, 
> which caused the switch to wear out prematurely.  I'm wondering if 
> something similar might be happening here.  Have you replaced the 
> ignition lock mechanism? Yes, I know, this is probably a very 
> expensive experiment ... but the source of the premature wear may be 
> that the column lock mechanism is built wrong and causing premature 
> wear of the switch module ...
> Steve B
> San Jose, CA (USA)
>> Zero keys.  Plastic key fob.  Always. Good comment though, read on.
>> However, driver is older, and does not have a great deal of hand 
>> strength. I've commented that she just might be forcing it sideways 
>> was she twists it. This is not a popular comment:-)

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