short lifespan for ignition switches

George Selby gselby4x4 at
Wed Nov 30 13:30:54 EST 2005

At 12:00 PM 11/30/2005, you wrote:
>Do you remember what the problem was on the not-Galaxy?

The tranny would jump out of gear.  It was a problem with a certain Ford 
automatic transmission of the period (either the C4 or the Cruise-o-matic, 
I can't remember which, my Fords have a C6 automatic or a NP435 manual 
tranny) Unless the tranny was firmly in park, it would slip out of gear 
while the engine was running and take off.  I imagine the typical problem 
was wear in the linkage was making people think they had it in Park, but 
the park pawl wasn't quite engaged.

George Selby 

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