Pics ?

Mark J. Besso mbspeed at
Sat Oct 1 06:39:25 EDT 2005

Due to Cody's generous offer of space for Audi pictures I've posted some. 
Actually, I've posted 340 pictures to be exact!  The images are from a 
recent trip to two of Audi's facilities in Germany as they celebrated the 
25th anniversary of the Quattro. (Neckarsulm & Ingolstadt)

Go to:

I don't know the owners of any of these vehicles.  If they belong to someone 
on this list I'll gladly add the pertinent information ,or remove the image 
if you prefer.  Contact me off-list in either way.

Thanks again, Cody,

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From: "Cody Forbes"
Subject: Re: Pics ?

> Ed Kellock wrote:
>> Hi Fay,
>> You can go to the Audifans registry and post pix there.
>> Ed
>> On 9/22/05, Cat ^. .^ ~  wrote:
>>> Are we allowed to post pictures to the list?
>>> --
>>> Cheers, Fay
>>> ^. .^ ~
> I have a better idea. I'll setup an image gallery @
> that anybody can post to. I have plenty
> of space and bandwidth for all your needs. Anybody that wants to post
> pictures e-mail me off list adn I'll create your album and username.
> Donations are welcomed, but not requested - cody at is my paypal.
> -Cody Forbes
> '86 5ktq
> '86 5k-t-q
> '87 5ktq - Fast.

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