brake shake on 2001 A6 VFChris at
Mon Oct 3 21:34:49 EDT 2005

I have a 2001 A6 with only 27k miles on it.
It has a shake when I step on the brakes, felt through the steering wheel  
and the floor.  The harder/faster I brake, the worse it is.
I had the front rotors machine, but it still didn't go away.  I  indicated on 
the rotors when mounted on the hubs, and they are out by about  .005" (This 
is AFTER machining; I didn't think to indicate on them before  sending them to 
the machine shop.).  I indexed them on the hubs to several  different 
positions, and the high spot moves with the rotor.  
For reference, I indicated on the rear discs, and they are out by only  
.001", so I don't think the problem is in the rear.

I have difficulty believing that the machine shop did a bad job machining  
them (I've used them many times before with good results), but I guess it's  
possible.  Another piece of evidence is that the previous owner  complained of 
brake-shake, and had new rotors put on under warrantee at only 6k  miles.
In my mind, the next step is to buy NEW rotors, but I'd hate to suffer that  
financial risk if there is something else wrong I am missing.

Does anyone have any ideas?
thanks in advance.....
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