Where to rent tool 2084 for timing belt...

David Thoresen david at epicfoto.com
Tue Oct 4 00:53:44 EDT 2005

Anyone know where I can rent tool 2084 (crankshaft tool) - preferably  
in seattle...

Went to blaus site and they only rent to people who bought the kit  
from them... :o(
(I got mine from the parts connection)

I have tried to do the 5th gear/parking brake method with 1/2"  
breaker bar, the bolt
hasn't budged... the clutch actually started slipping :(

I also rented an impact wrench, that didnt work either.... there's  
penetrating oil
on the bolt (been soaking for a couple days)

Wonder if a torch would help it....

Thanks for your help!

90q20v 230K Miles

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