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Tue Oct 4 10:48:40 EDT 2005


It must be an illusion of the photo because the Lemans that I photographed 
is considerably lower and wider than a TT.  It's proportions are far closer 
to the Lamborghini Gallardo that it's derived from than anything else.  The 
only Audi I've seen in recent years that's lower and wider is the 
'magnetic-levitation' vehicle they created for the movie "I-Robot" and that 
was all bodywork.


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> After looking at these (and drooling for a while), I noticed again what I
> have been thinking for some time. Are there 2 different Le mans 
> prototypes?
> At the store we have a huge picture of a Le mans on the wall and it is
> _much_ lower and wider than the car at Neckarsulm. The Neckarsulm car 
> appears to
> be a reworked TT not capable of using the power-plants that were being
> suggested  for the car such as V8 or Lambo V12. The pics show a car that 
> looks sporty,
> but  does not have the "exotic" look of the one I'm referring to.
> Anyone else notice this?
> Dennis
> Denver

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