type44 nology curiosity

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Just looked at the website for their wires.

This is an old trick to decrease the risetime of the voltage pulse to the
the plugs.

Lodge plugs ( which I used to use in my racing alfa Romeos) used a series
capacitor and a spark gap to build up the voltage and then break down the
gap to decrease the risetime of the pulse.

You get a little better spark out of this- and it will certainly fire a
fouled plug- but there's no magic in this- just straight electrical

Yes- the additional wire is a ground for their capacitor.

I've been doing pulse power ( megajoules- terrawatts) for >35 years- these
are standard tricks in my field to increase the voltage and decrease the
risetime- don't know if it makes your car go faster though.

There was a study back in the 40's by GM on the effect of spark volume on
hosrsepower and fuel efficiency. They concluded that that larger the spark
volume- the higher the horsepower and the greater the efficiency.

So- if you can increase the voltage and decrease the risetime- you can use a
larger gap plug and thereby get a larger spark volume- basic physics.

Personally, I would spend my money on a good old capacitive discharge
ignition with Packard 440 wire, Bosch Platinum 4plus plugs and ignore the
hype of nology.

Just my .02$..
However- I have PhD's in Plasma physics and mechanical engineering.


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> It's tune-up time and there's recent posts on nology
> wires. I see that the nology wires have an extra cable
> (ground?). Where does that connect? (I have a '87
> 5ktq.)
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