1990 100 Tranny and Steering woes

John Parry parryj at mts.net
Wed Oct 5 13:29:28 EDT 2005

Hello All,

Hoping for some advise on a couple of issues with my newly purchased 1990 
100 frt wheel drive.

Purchased the car with 100000 miles on the clock, body and interior in mint 
shape -thought tranny was ok but previuos owner probably had it loaded with 
tranny fix crap. After draining tranny twice and refilling with Mobil 1 
(also cleaned strainer, looked surprisingly clean) the tranny will not shift 
out of first when cold (in the morning, after work, etc) but once it has 
made its first shift (have to redline it to do this) it shifts fine from 
there on in. Anybody experience this or have ideas?

Second problem is frt end is just percepibly loose. I also have an 89 100 
and it steers like a dream, so i do have a reference point. The steering 
kinda wanders, you have to continually be monitoring it and making small 
corrections. Also noticed it will just slightly pull to the left when 
accelerating and then pull to the right when deaccelerating. It is also nt 
very "fluid" feeling if you know wehat i mean. I recently replaced shocks, 
put a rebuilt steering pump in, and had an alighnment (guy at the shop said 
all joints were good). tire pressures are set properly.



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